Enhance functionality

with custom Shopify apps

Shopify apps are a valuable tool to create memorable shopping experiences for your customers, but it can be challenging to find one that suits your unique product and business model. Whether it’s a custom gift builder, a digital download interface inspired by Audible or a full-fledged dropshipping platform that syncs with thousands of Shopify stores, we have the expertise and talent to build it. What can we create for you?

Full Dropshipping Platform

Wholesale music merchandiser Rockline Enterprises needed to make it as easy as possible for clients to list, sell and deliver its products. We created a wholesale and dropshipping app that instantly syncs Rockline’s inventory with more than 1,000 client stores while facilitating seamless credit card transactions and streamlining fulfillment on over 10,000 orders per month.

Digital Download Subscription App

Motion graphics developer LenoFX needed a tool to handle robust, highly customizable subscription offerings among its audience of video editors. We created a custom subscription app unique to Leno FX that powers reliable one-time and recurring downloads while securely storing purchase history and handling recurring billing.

Custom Gift Builder App

Gift baskets with an assortment of goods are fun to give and to receive. Our custom gift builder app gives customers an easy and enjoyable way to create thoughtful bundles while increasing the average order value (AOV) and promoting repeat purchases.

Compare & Customize

Your customers crave choices but don’t have time to get bogged down searching for details. Our Compare & Customize app allows users to easily compare various products, tinker with customizations, and add their selected option to the cart without ever leaving the page.?

Post-Sale Logistics

Dropshipping reduces the cost of maintaining inventory, but it comes with post-sale logistical challenges that aren’t easily solved out-of-the-box with Shopify. Our post-sale logistics app automates the order and shipping process among a variety of third-party vendors to reduce human error, save resources and boost your profit margins.

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