Mobile Focused Approach Increases Brand Awareness & Engagement Rate
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Merida Studio carpet and staircase
Building Merida’s first

dedicated sales channel

Luxury textile maker Merida Studio needed an online solution that would meet a dual set of needs. They needed an online catalog to showcase products and their corresponding design projects. They also needed a platform to vet and approve designers and provide them with information.
Merida Studio Collection page on a mobile device
Merida Studio Homepage design on a mobile device
Merida Studio product page on mobile
A Focus on mobile

user experience

Merida Studio’s clients conduct the majority of their business onsite, so we paid close attention not only to the overall look and feel across screens, but to providing flawless functionality which can make or break a mobile experience.?
3 examples of Merida Studio carpets
Merida Studio homepage designs on mobile and desktop
Innovative ways

to purchase

We capitalized on Shopify’s versatility to meet a unique set of needs within a single eCommerce platform. We used the blog functionality to present in-depth product information and showcase designers and their respective collections. We established a Lookbook gallery to give designers an engaging visual presentation while simultaneously educating them on the brand’s design process and installation. Finally, we used product pages to provide at-a-glance information in downloadable tear-sheets.
Merida Studio Collection page
Tools for Merida’s success
Two years after launch, the website has helped Merida establish its brand identity and position itself as an industry leader. The platform continues to showcase the high quality and craftsmanship of Merida’s products and the brand uses it as a critical channel to announce new lines, onboard designers and share expertise.?
Innovative ways to


We crafted a Shopify website that acts as a public product gallery and private designer portal. While anyone can find the site online and browse the company’s collections, logging in requires each new designer to register and apply for access. Once approved, the designer can order or add samples to their projects through a wishlist.
Merida Studio Product page for desktop and mobile
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