eCommerce brand captures the

essence of Portuguese culture

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Building LXGS’s first

dedicated sales channel

LXGS had a wealth of elegant, high-quality images of their distinctly Portugese products. They needed an online store that would complement this aesthetic, speak to the target audience of young women and capture the spirit of Portuguese design while facilitating sales.?
A Focus on mobile

user experience

To make products easily shoppable via mobile device, we designed a first tap view to roll over and a second tap to link to the product page. A horizontal scrolling option for Instagram and horizontal and vertical scrolling for product images gives the user additional ways to shop.
LXGS Models
LXGS homepage design on desktop and mobile
A Focus on mobile

user experience

We created a crisp, clean online store design using neutrals and pastels that places LXGS’ unique products front and center and aligns with the brand’s vision of introducing the world to Portuguese culture through unique goods.
Tools for LXGS’s success
LXGS launched an online store that feels modern yet timeless, just like the products it showcases.
Innovative ways to


We designed a simple, user-friendly navigation menu that helps shoppers easily find products and information. A sub-navigation page with filters, a grid format, auto-loading upon scroll and an elegant rollover creates an on-site experience that dovetails perfectly with the company’s persona of subtle refinement.
LXGS collection page design for mobile and desktop
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